What is SecuFarm?

SecuFarm is the world’s first smart & sustainable farming solution that provides a guaranteed income to the farmers.

Why SecuFarm?


The Potential

Smart & sustainable farming techniques have the potential to enhance agricultural productivity for the farmers in India.

The Reality

85% of India’s farmers are small or marginal landholders who do not have the financial wherewithal to invest in a smart & sustainable farming system.

The Challenge

How can we make Smart Farming in India a viable proposition for the farmers?

The Solution

By creating Smart Farms with a guaranteed income that protects the farmer’s investment in smart & sustainable farming technology. And that is exactly what SecuFarm is designed to offer!

Benefits of SecuFarm


Enhanced Yield

SecuFarm helps farmers enhance crop yield. Information is gathered using IoT Sensors (AWS, AIS, APM, & ASM), satellites & drones, and GPS-enabled smartphones. This information is processed using Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning, & Image Processing techniques to provide weather & disease alerts, farm advisory, and farm management inputs to the farmers through mobile application & SMS.


Guaranteed Income

SecuFarm helps the farmers ensure crop protection and secure a better yield. Should the farmers fall short of meeting the expected amount of yield, they are guaranteed a minimum farm income which aids in compensation payouts.

Sustainable Farming

SecuFarm helps farmers undertake sustainable farming, i.e., environment-friendly farming by providing guidance on how to optimally use water and agricultural chemicals.

How Farmers Experience SecuFarm

Farmer enrols with WRMS to create a SecuFarm.

Geo-tagged farms are analysed to offer the farmers income guarantee against a fee based on soil, water, & climatic conditions.

Farmer has to follow a smart and sustainable farming plan called the Package of Practices (PoP) which assures yield.

After yield assessment, the farmer is compensated if the yield is below the assured yield despite following the PoP.

WRMS monitors the on-ground situation using satellites & IoT and accordingly provides real-time assistance.

WRMS forecasts pest attacks, diseases, and weather risk to provide risk management inputs.

WRMS assists in selling the produce to modern trade who value sustainable farming practices and give a better price.

With a guaranteed income, farmers feel confident to invest in smart farming technology and get enhanced productivity.

Multi-Stakeholder Proposition

Farmers Using SecuFarm

Agri-input Companies

Ability to charge premium and provide differentiated value proposition

Insurance/ Reinsurance

Lower payouts

Banks & NBFCs

Lower NPAs

Organised Retail

Customised quality of produce or sustainably farmed produce or ethically farmed produce

Central & State Governments

Ability to provide income security to farmers


Create voluntary environment markets and promote environmental sustainability & ethical farming

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